People who had never met us before were hugging us and shaking our hands. It was really a wonderful recognition of the sacrifices our Wounded Warriors have made. --SSG Dale Beatty

They don't stop. They just keep helping. I've never met people this kind. --Spc. William Garcia Jr.

The Texas Wounded Warrior Pro-Am was simply amazing. Getting off the plane and having all the people there to welcome us with flags and hugs was more than I could have imagined. --Staff Sergeant, Fort Hood

Just look at these guys. Without their sacrifices, you and I probably wouldn't be here right now. --Jimmy Clark, Texas Rough Rider

I could not believe the number of people who showed up to support us. This was the homecoming that I never had. --Sergeant BAMC

Without the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation, my transition would have been very difficult. I'm truly grateful for what they're doing to help me. --Staff Sgt. Bernard Teic

The Hall Family -Gerry, Pam and Monte Hall- prior to the 2016 Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation Weekend Events:

  • How long have you been a partner of the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation?

Pam Hall:  “We were looking at the TXWWF and believe we started our initial involvement in 2009 with providing vehicles for the Pro-Am event, and then we started six years ago designating May as the promotional month to raise money for the TXWWF.”

  • Why did you choose this organization on which to focus so much of your attention?

Pam Hall:  “Well, I think a couple of different reasons.  When we came down here 12 years ago, it was a conscious effort that we were going to involve ourselves in the community and help in any way and give back in any way we can.  We are outsiders, and yet we believe that you have to give back to the community, and we felt it was a good way to involve us in the community.  One of our primary organizations is Cattle Barons which raises money for the local cancer society, and I do that in honor of my Mom and families who’ve lost their lives to cancer.  Out of hundreds of other organizations, we wanted to focus on one more.  Gerry met Dick golfing at Willow Brook and he talked to him about this great organization, the TXWWF.  Gerry is a veteran of the Navy.  Monte is a veteran of the Navy.  One of Gerry’s sons was in the Army and another son was in the Marines and now the Coast Guard.  My Dad is an Army veteran and was in Italy during World War II where he met my mother and brought her home.  My grandfather on my mother’s side was killed in World War II.  It just made sense.  This is a great organization where most of their funds are used directly for the vets.  They have very small administrative costs.  Almost all of the money goes directly to the vets and that’s a testament to the organization.  I remember going to the first dinner at Kiepersol and seeing the veteran guests—it was pretty emotional.”

  • Each year, it’s been said you look forward to the fall events and Pro-Am that the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation brings to Tyler for the weekend celebration.  Why is that?  What is in it for you?

Pam Hall:  “This is really a question for Gerry and Monte.  Gerry is an avid golfer and his sons like golf, too, so I’ll turn that one to Gerry…”

Gerry Hall:“We look forward to helping with this event.  Again, Pam said we are kind of a family of vets in a lot of ways, and I know that even going back to my uncles who were in World War II in the Marines and the Army Air Corps.  That’s a special deal as far as I’m concerned.  I’m glad to see an organization like this that brings attention to the people who’ve sacrificed so much.  Many have sacrificed their lives for the country, and I don’t think we appreciate this enough.”

Monte Hall:  “I think the main deal is the fact that obviously, it’s a great cause—veterans, wounded warriors—but being the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation is really the key for us.  It’s local and stays in Texas.  You know, that’s where we derive our livelihood so it’s nice to have it stay right here in Texas.  I think that’s probably one of the biggest reasons to get involved with it.” 

Pam Hall:  “I think it’s so great that these vets are out golfing.  Some of them have one arm, have one leg, and these organizations that help them get back to a normal life—I mean these guys are climbing, snowboarding, swimming with artificial limbs.  That is great, and it’s because of organizations like this they are able to do this.”

Monte Hall:  “We just heard one of them climbed Mount Everest with a prosthetic leg.”

Gerry Hall:  “You asked what’s in it for us.  We don’t look at it like what’s in it for us.  We look at it like we’re trying to help somebody.  You know—no different than you saw somebody that fell down and you went over to pick them up.  It’s the same thing.  There’s nothing in it for us except for the fact that knowing we are helping people.”

  • If you have one wish for our troops fighting here and abroad to protect our freedom, what would it be? 

Pam Hall:  “Well, I would wish they would have respect and dignity.  We’ve all been around knowing that my Dad was in World War II, and then you see what happened to the Vietnam vets.   Now there is awareness of the veterans today’s veterans and the sacrifices they made for us because of organizations like the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation. We need to make sure that our Wounded Warriors and their families are given the help and healthcare they need when they return home.

Gerry Hall:  "I would wish that they are never put in harm’s way unnecessarily, that their missions are clear and in the best interest of our country, and that they are given all the tools they need to accomplish their missions, wherever they are. Hopefully, they can accomplish those missions and come home to their families quickly."

Monte Hall:  "My wish, when they do make it back home, is that the doors will be open to them to return to the normal life they left I also wish that our government would work toward making sure that funding is there for our vets and not sent to some country as foreign aid. We need to make our people the priority. It is way overdue."

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