Human Interest Stories

A perfect Match...

            Some may call it fate, or just a stroke of luck, while others would agree that the following account of this heart-warming story is definitely the result of God’s handiwork.  This is a tale about Porky, the service dog, who found a new home in Tyler with Wounded Warrior, Anita Monroe, Navy veteran, pictured in the adjacent photo.  It began with a request from the Hon. Carole Clark, a state district judge in Smith County.  She told the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation in early April that she knew Anita, and that Anita needed a service dog because of service-related PTSD.  Judge Clark wanted to know if we could help find her one.  Ironically, only a few days later, we received a posting on our website from a family in New Braunfels who had recently gotten a service dog, a seven year old white boxer named Porky.  They only had him for a couple of months after acquiring him from another family who no longer needed him.  They felt Porky could help with the symptoms of their autistic son, but despite efforts, their son was not able to bond with Porky.  The situation was not working out for them, and they needed to find him a new home quickly.  Rather than giving him to just anyone, because of Porky’s special training, they wanted him placed with someone who could really benefit from his skills, such as a Wounded Warrior.  An internet search soon led them to the TXWWF website, and they immediately posted an inquiry. 

            After several communications with Porky’s owners, we thought he might be the perfect companion for Anita, so we made a trip to New Braunfels to get him.  As soon as we walked in the door of the residence, Porky was there to greet us with a friendly little dance and much excitement.  It was as if somehow he knew he was going to a new home.  We picked up his bed, service vest, feeding bowls and leash, thanked his owners, and we were on our way.  In route back to Tyler, we made a quick stop in downtown Austin at the Whole Foods Market, and Porky walked all around the store without issue, being greeted by the many shoppers who wanted to stop and pet him.  He was also a wonderful car traveler and never uttered a peep, other than the occasional yawn.  We soon learned his disposition was truly a God-send. 

            On the morning of Thursday, April 28, we took Porky to Judge Clark’s courtroom at the Smith County Courthouse, where she and Anita, along with many others, met Porky for the first time.  It was literally love at first site!  Porky received a round of applause, and he posed for several pictures until the celebration finally reached its conclusion, and Anita got to take Porky home.   After acquiring Porky’s medical records, we met Anita at the veterinarian’s office later that day, and Porky got a complete checkup.  Other than a few minor health issues, for which he is being treated, Porky got a clean bill of health.  He will be eating a special weight loss dog food and will be walked every day, as he needs to lose about 15 pounds.  This regimen will be no problem for Anita, as she loves to walk and exercise daily, and she is thrilled to have Porky right by her side. 

            We feel Anita is a very special person, as are all Wounded Warriors, and she is being paired with a very special dog.  We are confident that Porky has a wonderful new home and will thrive under Anita’s care and affection.  She is overjoyed with her new companion and is truly grateful for this gift, as evidenced by her remarks, “Words cannot express how moved I am by your thoughtfulness and generosity. May God bless you.  Porky is home for good.”   A perfect match, indeed.