2017-2018 Headlines

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The Hall Family presented a donation to TXWWF

The Hall family was honored on July 11, 2018 at a Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation luncheon and board meeting held at Kiepersol Restaurant in Bullard.  Dick Goetz, chairman of the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation, presents the award to Pam Hall, Gerry Hall and Monte Hall for their work for the Foundation.

The Hall family have been consistent supporters of the TXWWF for several years, providing vehicles for transportation during the Pro-Am weekend, as well as dedicating the month of May to help the TXWWF at their car dealership – Hall Buick GMC. During this special promotion, they reserve a percentage of the proceeds from each vehicle sold specifically for the TXWWF.

This past May, their fund raising efforts provided the foundation a donation of $7,900.  The Halls stem from a long line of family military service members back to at least WWII and are avid advocates of our men and women in uniform. 

From left to right in the photo: Dick Goetz, Pam Hall, Gerry Hall, Monte Hall.

The Richard and Madeline Lewis Veterans Scholarship receives donation

The Dew Boys at Eagle’s Bluff Country Club and the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation present a check for a $25,000 matched donation to Chris Cox, for The Richard and Madeline Lewis Veterans Scholarship fund at The University of Texas at Tyler. Wounded Warrior veterans will be given top priority as recipients of these monies to help defray the costs of their higher education that would otherwise not be covered by the GI Bill or other federal veterans programs.

From left to right in the picture: John Latham, Dew Boys at Eagles Bluff; Chris Cox, Coordinator of Veterans Affairs for UT Tyler; and Dick Goetz, Chairman of the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation.

Balch Springs golf tournament 

The Balch Springs Golf Tournament was held on June, 2018 at Mesquite Golf Club. The first place winners were: Mike Sheets, Ben Sheets, Paul Zanolini and Hayli Mitchell.

A total of $1285 was raised from this event, TWWF is very thankful for all the donations and support.

PING trip for Warriors

On May 9, 2018, three Wounded Warriors (Jason Leap, Lauren Jahn & Ashley Jackson) traveled to Phoenix to be outfitted with a complete set of PING golf clubs.  Also pictured is the vault that displays over 2800 gold plated PING putters and clubs from PGA Tour and European victories.

From left to right in this photo: Dick Goetz, Jason Leap, Bob Burnett; kneeling - Lauren Jahn, Ashley Jackson.

In this photo: Wounded Warriors, Andy Solheim, and PING Club Fitters.

San Antonio Golf School and Steak Dinner

April 11 & 12, 2018

Twelve Wounded Warriors from Brooke Army Medical Center attended the golf school at the Republic Golf Course in San Antonio.  This was followed by a steak dinner served by Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation Board members at the Warrior and Family Support Center.

Lance Fenton

Lazy F Ranch and Fenton Motors

In this picture: 1954 Mercedes 190 SL (Fenton Motors perspective) he restored. 
Seven years ago Harley Wilke, a former Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation Board Member, was tasked with arranging air transportation for the annual Wounded Warrior weekend here in Tyler. Harley contacted Lance Fenton to see if he would be interested in assisting by donating his airplane to fly to San Antonio to pick up Warriors from Brooke Army Medical Center for the weekend events and return them to San Antonio at the conclusion of the weekend. Lance’s response was an emphatic “Yes”!
Since then, Lance, Fenton Motors and the Lazy F Ranch have been dedicated partners with the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation.
Lance relaxing with his kids: Turbo and Zadie Belle on his Lazy F Ranch.

1. How long have you been a partner of the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation?

Lance Fenton: It has been approximately seven years. When first approached by Harley Wilke and Dick Goetz, it was an absolute honor and easy decision to assist in any way possible.

2. Why did you choose this organization on which to focus so much of your attention?

Lance Fenton: We are contacted daily to support different charities. We even operate one ourselves. That being said, we take into account many factors: what percentage is used for administration, how funds are managed, etc. The Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation has the lowest administration fees of any Foundation with whom we partner. The Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation puts the money in the hands of our heroes who truly need and deserve the assistance and help. Not only did we choose this organization to support, we are humbled to even be a part of such an amazing foundation.

3. Each year, it’s been said you look forward to the fall events and Pro-Am that the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation brings to Tyler for the weekend celebration. Why is that?

Lance Fenton: There are a lot of reasons. But from my experience, with all the events I’ve been a part of over the years, what stands out are the emotions. I’ve experienced so many emotions during these events. First, to have a feeling of accomplishment, to know you’ve helped in some way. Then the emotions turn to sadness for those who were injured in the line of duty. But that sadness is quickly replaced by excitement and happiness, enjoying the time visiting and interacting with and learning from these warriors. Finally there is a gut wrenching humbleness and desire to do more to help. It is truly a magical rollercoaster of emotions that everyone needs to experience.

4. What is in it for you?

Lance Fenton: The experience and feeling of being a part of something much larger than myself.

5. If you have one wish for our troops fighting here and abroad to protect our freedom, what would it be?

Lance Fenton: Obviously I would wish for their safe and speedy return. However, I also wish that they areconstantly reminded, and remember, how much the freedoms we enjoy daily are due to their efforts and sacrifice. They fight, so we can raise our children in safety. They fight, so I can have my rifle laying right next to my Holy Bible on the nightstand. They fight, so we can continue to live the lives that our ancestors came to this country to create. That being said, I guess my wish is for the fire in their hearts to remain strong, and continue to be willing to give all to protect our freedom.

In this picture: Tina and Buck

In this picture: Gen. Dave Commons and Gen. Bill Welch.

Buck and Tina Mayers

After telling Buck and Tina Mayers about the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation and the potential for  successful golf event at The Club at Escondido they volunteered to head it up. And did they ever! This will be our 5th event with over $250,000 being raised. The hundreds of hours they have spent has united so many people wanting to express their gratitude and great appreciation for our military and especially to the
wounded. The Club membership and staff have been most generous with their time and support.
When thanking them their response is always---"This is the very best and most worthwhile event we have. Thank you!" Why would you think otherwise coming from a bunch of patriotic Texans who know freedom is never free and all freedom comes through military victory.
Bob Goetz, PGA Life Member, Escondido Member

1. What are some highlights of each of your backgrounds?

Buck Mayers was a Nationally Ranked Tennis Professional before he changed his career path to golf. Recognized by Golf Magazine as a Top Instructor he has spent the past 25 years instructing golfers of all levels, including PGA Tour Professionals, nationally ranked juniors, and beginners. He currently serves as the Director of Instruction at Escondido Golf & Lake Club.
Tina Bradley Mayers grew up around the game of golf while following in the footsteps of her father, Jackson Bradley. She has been a golf professional for 30 years and currently serves as Head Golf Professional at Horseshoe Bay Resort.

In this picture: Bob Douglass, Erin Dwyer, SFC Corey Wineglass, and Phil Davis.

Highland Lakes Honor Guard

Escondido Golf and Lake Club at Horseshoe Bay, TX has raised over $250,000 for the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation. Because of their support, TXWWF has been able to purchase two 12-passenger vans to cover 6 counties in Austin and the Hill Country to transport wounded warriors tomedical appointments.

2. What got you interested in the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation?

Spending time in our community brought to light a need for resources that would benefit our local community and State. Our friendship with the Goetz brothers exposed us to the TXWW Foundation and we felt it was a perfect match.

3. How do the two of you work together in preparing for this one-day event?

We take the divide and conquer approach. It’s all about organizing and prioritizing the long list.

4. Why do you chose this organization to focus so much of your attention?

The sacrifices that our service men and women make are so substantial and because this organization focuses on Wounded Warriors in our state of Texas, that appealed to us.

5. For the past four years, you look forward to the Texas Wounded Warrior event at your club – why is that?

Getting this large group of warriors and patriots together is a fun experience for everyone. It allows us to feel like we’re giving something back.

6. And what benefits have you seen as a result of your event?

We have raised significant funds to benefit the foundation and along the way, built good friendships and alliances.

7. If you have one wish for our troops fighting here and abroad to protect our freedom, what would it be?

Always remember how much you are appreciated!