Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation

14th Annual Tyler Texas Wounded Warrior Pro-Am

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Why does TXWWF donate to UT Tyler?

    The Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation is based in Tyler, and from its inception in 2007 has called Tyler home base for operations.  The ties to the Tyler community and East Texas region are incredibly important and cherished by the Foundation and the Board of Directors.  Without the ongoing and continuous support of Tyler and East Texas from every avenue of industry and people from all walks of life, the Foundation would not have the donor base or have experienced the amazing success that has been achieved in raising over $7,000,000 and disbursing over 90% of those funds directly to Wounded Warriors and their families over the past 13 years.  For these reasons, it is imperative that the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation give back to the community and partner with great entities and institutions within our region such as UT Tyler, and for our outreach to include educational benefits and scholarship opportunities for Wounded Warriors and our Veterans.  

    Coupled with the natural alignment and fit with the Richard and Madeline Lewis Scholarship, earmarked exclusively for a grant only to Wounded Military Active Duty or Veteran Armed Forces members, it is the sincere honor of the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation to be involved in this great partnership and to provide this scholarship opportunity in conjunction with the fantastic work done by General Landers and the Dew Boys at Eagles Bluff Country Club to benefit UT Tyler and it's MVSC student body members.

Texas Wounded Warrior Events 2021

This year has been great for the Warriors and their families. Texas Wounded Warriors Foundation carried out the T Bar M Warrior Family Retreat in New Braunfels on March 19-21, as well as the First Annual Mira Vista Country Club Texas Wounded Warrior Pro-Am on Monday, May 3 in Fort Worth. To read the stories please click here.

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For Wounded Warrior Support and Wounded Warrior Immediate Needs Information, contact:

Ron Nash (Xav8or14@gmail.com); 469-556-2209

            The mission of the Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation is to raise awareness, to honor, and to empower our Wounded United States Military Warriors who live in Texas and surrounding states, enabling them to assimilate back to daily life upon their return from combat. We seek to provide Wounded Veterans injured from combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan with funding to defray the basic costs of living incurred, as a result of the short and long-term care of those injuries.

            Our focus is to support programs and services such as the Warrior and Family Support Center in San Antonio at BAMC.  Additionally, huge gaps commonly exist before VA benefits begin for Wounded Warriors who return from Iraq or Afghanistan following combat injuries.  The Texas Wounded Warrior Foundation assists wounded veterans and ensures that they and their families receive private sector support to help fill this gap.  We also work closely with other agencies to provide needed services such as handicap upgrades to housing, transportation to and from medical appointments, and other needs.

            We support our Warriors by hosting golf Events, Golf Schools, Weekend Retreats, Hunting, Fishing, & Comradery.

            Who We Serve

  • Wounded Warriors, their families, and/or caregivers from Iraq including Gulf War I and Gulf War II as well as Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.
  • Families of the fallen from war theaters noted above.